April 24th, 2007


Don't You Boys Know Any Nice Songs?

We leave early Saturday morning for two weeks of vacation, so I'm still scrambling to get everything taken care of beforehand, including getting work that is due during that period done ahead of time*. Lotsa scrambling around to get various things taken care of, but I'm really looking forward to it - we hit DC Saturday night, spend a few days there with a day trip to Baltimore that Tuesday, then head up to NYC and krisname's for a few days, then we kidnap her and start heading south to NC and the Outer Banks, arriving on a Sunday and spending a week before heading home.

In other words, I will be scarce for a little while.

The Outer Banks are a yearly tradition now - formerly with my ex and his family, but I switched to Armageddon game gatherings around 1999 or so.  It's primarily people who work on the game, so there is a lot of geeking out and techie talk, but also good food, a lot of stories, and dolphins visible off shore while you're sitting on the deck drinking your morning coffee. With 15-20 people around, there's plenty of conversation and things to do.  Several of us are writers, so we've got plans for communal writing and some collaborative efforts.  I'm about to ship a box off to arrive before me, in fact, containing a) my Boggle set, b) a kit for making Dia de Los Muertos candy skulls, and c) some writing books people may like to thumb through, including the Surrealist Games one.

Apropos of recent discussions, I wanted to point to a wonderful resource mentioned on splinister's lj this morning: the feminist SF wiki. Among other things, they're collecting lists of women eligible for 2008 awards.

*This means that at the moment, for what may be the first time in my life, I am ahead of schedule.