May 14th, 2007

two heads

Miscellaneous Vacation Stats

Number of days we experienced hurricane force winds: 2
Number of people at the beach house at its peak: 25
Most surprising person to meet: Dyrinis
Number of giant stuffed Garfields encountered: 1
Most exotic drink consumed: absinthe
Things my luggage contained that might have been the cause of its being searched: Mexican sugar skulls, the book SURREALIST GAMES, and two boxes live ammo
OLs missing from the beach house: Raesanos :(
Hours delayed in Denver: 2
Cutest child at the beach house: Sidney
Coolest museum visited: American Visionary Art Museum
Site most easily defended against zombies: Crystal City
Funniest joker in the deck: Brixius
Game that involved the most pirate noises: Pirate Dice
Number of gaming systems accumulated by spouse on vacation: 1
Number of cats pretending to be feral upon our return: 1

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Catching Up

Raven has spent pretty much all day curled in between the small of my back and the chair.  He is obnoxiously warm and heavy but whenever I try to move him, he purrs so hard that I relent.  Meanwhile, Taco keeps coming in and making prrt! noises until I look at her, at which point she remembers she's still pissed that we went away for two weeks and runs off to hide.

My cell phone seems to be a casualty of the vacation - if you're trying to reach me, e-mail is currently the best bet.  This will surprise few people.

As part of my homeward reading, I picked up Frank Yerby's GILLIAN.  Holy cow.  Appalling sections included a lecture by a Frenchman on how to beat a woman so she'll behave (he suggests breaking both her arms), several rapes disguised as teaching a woman what she really wants, a passage on "colored servants" that was so vile I don't even want to recap it, and a villainess corrupted by childhood voodoo rituals enacted by her nursemaid. And yet, the one thing that was definitely established about the title character was that she was not a lesbian, since apparently that's worse than any of the aforementioned behaviors. Date of publication: 1960. (It was a pretty limited selection at the used book store, as you can probably tell.)

Most incomprehensible passage:
I saw that she was as naked as the day she was born--no--nakeder!  It was not the round, pink, soft, dimpled nudity of a young girl. For the demanding changes of pubertry had taken place early in her. Gillian had been all woman since she was thirteen. That night Gillain didn't look like a woman at all. She looked female!

Can we all join together in a round, pink, soft, dimpled wtf??
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