May 19th, 2007


Hard Drives Hate Me

Seems as though my computer is failing me at a rate of about once a day now, so I'm on the laptop for now while Wayne fiddles with mine, hoping to be able to copy over the music on there before it gives up the ghost.  I've got a couple of study guide checks coming my way in the next month or so, so it's time for a new computer. I think it's the shuttle case causing the heat issues that keep destroying hard drives, so perhaps I'll make the switch to a bigger case and perhaps a video card whose fan actually works.  Heh.

I can go with building a new Windows machine, or for about a third more cost, I can take over Wayne's iMac while he switches over to a new machine, which is mighty, mighty tempting. There's at least one piece of Mac only writing software I'd like to try out, and I could also run dual monitors that way. And once again I'd be able to sync up my iPod. Hrm, hrm, hrm.  

Hoping to replace the cell phone this weekend as well, since mine is still lifeless, despite various attempts at fiddling with it.  Technology is teh suk.
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