May 30th, 2007


Juicy Telephonic Goodness

,I am once again connected to the world via cell phone, and the new phone is superswank, since Wayne got us both Helios.  So far the customer service has been APPALLING, but the phones are slick enough that after some debate, we came down on the side of keeping them.  The only flaw so far -- I can't just swap memory cards between the two, so part of today will be dedicated to transferring numbers.

Plane tickets for Taos booked!  Now to figure out the shuttle, and then I'm all set.

Alas, my desktop computer died just before WisCon, so I'll be using the laptop for a while.  Figuring that I can hold off and plan on getting a new machine come fall.  Raven approves of this plan, since it is much easier to sleep on the couch beside me (and bite my elbow at intervals) than on my lap at the desk.  However, I'm going to clear off the desk and start writing by hand as well as laptop on there, in order to not miss any hummingbird action.

Day One of Davey and I goading each other on to write has come and gone, leaving 1500 words in its wake.  What I ended up doing is pitching the 65k of meandering pointlessness that I had and starting again from scratch with a very detailed outline and a new main character.  Some of the old writing can be recycled at one point or another, so it's not a total loss, and the city is much clearer in my head as a result of the previous writing, so it's all good.  I do need to figure out whether I'm giving my Taos workshopmates a piece of the novel to begin with or a short story.  Sometime soon.

I finished FIRE LOGIC by Laurie Marks and am now kicking myself for not picking up the others in the series at the con, since the only one Borders has is, of course, FIRE LOGIC.  I really like the world she's created, and there's a flavor reminiscent of Jim Butcher's new fantasy series mingled with Bujold's PALADIN OF SOULS (which is truly a kickass book and also well worth picking up) that has me looking forward to the rest. 

Got my copies of PRIME CODEX and it is truly a lovely, lovely collection and just beautifully designed, without a single bad story in it.  I'm particularly fond of Jim Hines' "Sister of the Hedge", which does an amazing thing with the Sleeping Beauty story and Elaine Isaak's "The Disenchantment of Kivron Ox-Master", but of the two-thirds I've read so far, everything delights.

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Somewhere along the course of the trip, I apparently lost my flash drive.  Onto which I had backed up everything, including all my stories and writing for the novel, as well as all my study guide work,  just before my desktop self-destructed.

I'm going to go throw up a few times now before re-searching my luggage.  Pray for me.

LATER EDIT: Okay, it's all backed up on Wayne's machine as well, looks like. PHEW.  But I'm not too keen on a flash drive with all my fiction as well as various copies of my resume, Armageddon dev notes, etc, floating around somewhere in the World At Large.
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