May 31st, 2007



1850+ words today on THE MOON'S APPRENTICE.

An excerpt (chalk any roughness in the prose up to its first draft status):

As a child, Leonoa had feared going to bed each night. Some frailty of her eyes made darkness impenetrable to her and so she lay there in a lather of imagination, hearing a tap-tap-tap, the scrape and slither of the window opening, a floorboard's slow groan, a rustle of leafy robes.

Her nightmares were rooted in reality. When she was very little, visiting her grandparent's summer home, a Mandrake had broken into the nursery. Only a footman's vigilance, noticing the open window as he emptied slops outside, saved her.  Leonoa had survived by a blade-thin chance, and even so, she lay four days in a stupor, waking for an evening before lapsing into bone fever, its delirious contortions permanently thwarting her spine's straightness, lengthening one arm and legs, and throwing the plates of her skull awry, gnarling her like a knotgrass doll.  Even after she recovered and they had returned to Tabat, she plunged each night into shrieking nightmares, driving the rest of the household awake several times each night.  

And yeah, this character is upper crust, it's a deliberate class choice. :) that has implications for some of the actions in the book.  I'm thinking it all through this time!

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