June 7th, 2007


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Wayne finished Justina Robson's LIVING NEXT DOOR TO THE GOD OF LOVE, and liked it in the same way I did, I think - thought it got a little overly complicated at the end, but at least everything was tied up and the language is delicious, so it remains highly recommended.  I finished up EARTH LOGIC, by Laurie Marks, and thought it was a solid sequel to the very enjoyable FIRE LOGIC, also recommended. I gave Wayne Fritz Leiber's SWORDS OF LANKHMAR for his next read -- I've got James Morrow's THE LAST WITCHFINDER next on my shelf.

900 words so far today - probably going to take a notebook out on the porch in a while and write out there.  Like many others, I am participating in the Clarion West 2007 Writeathon, and my goal is a new and shiny, ready to go, finished chapter of THE MOON'S ACCOMPLICE for each week, along with continuing to match the 2k per day goal -- my plan is to have a completed first-reader draft done by July 28.  If you would like to be on my weekly mailing talking about Write-a-thon progress (you do not need to be a donor to be on the mailing list, but it's appreciated) and receive updates on my progress, drop me a line or post a comment here telling me to add you.