June 26th, 2007


Quick Update

Study guide stuff has slowed me (I am currently writing up the staffing aspects of strategy implementation, blech.), alas, but I persevere, and maintain my Write-a-thon goals. Tonight is the next Clarion West reading: Larissa Lai, who should be a treat to listen to. 7:30 at the SF Museum. Go to the reading!! *makes hypnotic gestures*

I have also been watching movies and reading, trying to look at how things are structured. Movies include The 39 Steps, The Maltese Falcon, The Sixth Sense, Frankie Starlight, Torch Song Trilogy, and Doctor Strangelove. Books include Bradley's The Heritage of Hastur, Zelazny's first Amber book, Virginia Woolf, Samuel R. Delany, and Dorothy Dunnett. It's a haphazard mixture, I know. Heh.

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