July 11th, 2007



...is terrific and I am absorbing so much that my brain is swelling, I think.  Will blog more later, time permitting, but yes, I am still alive.


Just finished crits, although I want to go over them more tomorrow morning. Much like Clarion West, I find that reading a piece before bed means I wake up with some additional things to say. 

I've also been grappling with the synopsis, which is an unruly beast of a thing.  I won't be ready to pin everything down to the page until tomorrow's session, when I get feedback on the first two chapters. Also trying to figure out what section to turn in next week - I think it should be the next two chapters, but I am also mindful of Walter saying "turn in the part that you think needs the most work." It all needs work, though.

I know what two of the big scenes in the book are, but there's a middle one that is eluding me still. Whaling away on the synopsis has helped, though, and I've figured out a couple of things that were bothering me - realized that one thing that seems to vanish actually must come back in a pretty crucial way, rather than just disappearing, and one question that I've been avoiding actually turned out to have been worked out by my unconscious. Subconscious? Either way, I need to trust them more, I think.

But I've got to figure out how to raise the stakes more throughout the book. Yeargh.

Still enjoying, but I miss my better half pretty insanely. I am happy to have escaped Seattle's hot spell, though. We've had a few awesome thunderstorms come through.

And this made me smile today. Thank you, David.


It's pretty impossible to listen to Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" without a whole lot of dancing around.
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