July 14th, 2007



Here we are, halfway through Taos Toolbox.  I've been wrestling with my snyopsis, so luckily the weekend homework dovetails with that nicely. But gah, that submission for next week is being very stubborn and keeps lying there lumpishly on the page.

So far, I'd recommend this experience without reservation to the post-Clarionites and C-Westies. It is, as advertised, a step beyond those workshops, and we are learning a vast amount of techniques and tools. Everyone that is here belongs here - they're all good and sharp, both in writing and critting, and I can tell my posse has expanded - a lot of people here I'm looking forward to seeing at cons and events in the future. The instructors are terrific, and the area is spectacular. (Not that there is enough time to see a lot of it, heh. Maybe now that it's the weekend.)

This morning a few of us are making a trip into Taos, and then we come back for our very exciting guest lecturer!

Cool news that I keep meaning to post about: It looks as though I will be teaching a writing F&SF class for BCC this fall which I am so totally thrilled about, and already making mental notes for.  I loved teaching when I was doing it and I'm looking forward to a chance to do it again.