August 23rd, 2007


What am I Doing? It's Boring

Working on two encyclopedia articles, one on Women's Rights in the 1980s and one on Science and Technology in the 1980s. The problem is not so much coming up with 3K words each as keeping them -under- that limit. I'm still reassembling the novel, and I need to get a bunch of subs out - made a start yesterday with something to Sybil's Garage, which I highly recommend as a lovely and well-designed magazine. And a short story occurred to me that I've been playing with. Tentatively entitled "Pisswitch". It has toads in it too.

I continue experiencing Vista. So far I'd still go with XP if I had my druthers, and a few years down the line when this machine is ready to be moved on from, I'm going back to Apple. Among other things, I can shutdown the machine and then turn it back on, but I can't do a restart (combined shutdown and back on) -- it just hangs and hangs and hangs. Office 2007 has a lot of nifty little features, but they've changed the UI so much (for no reason other than to make it look new and shiny, as far as I can tell) that I've had to relearn all sorts of basic textual maneuvers, and trying to change the formatting on something yesterday was downright painful.

Game-wise, there's a new video up here.
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Grace Paley died yesterday. :(

I think one of my best memories of JHU is having her to dinner and her asking for a second helping of my sweet potato pie as well as telling us that at some point in the meal, her false teeth might fall out and if that occurred we were under no circumstances supposed to pretend that nothing had happened.

If you don't know who she was, and you write short stories, well -- go read her stuff. I'm not sure that there was any other writer in the 20th century that I would consider more adept with the form.
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