September 8th, 2007


Collected Morning Stuff

Alex has passed away. Or crossed the Rainbow Bridge, depending on your preferred mode of thought. There's a number of animals who have passed into history by name: Laika, Jumbo, Man O War, Lucy -- more than I'd thought, once I started making a list.

So has Madeline L'Engle, whose YA stuff I deeply loved as a kid/teen and whose adult stuff is vastly under appreciated and underrated, imo.

Got a steampunk story that you particularly like and want to recommend?

Good post from A.C. Crispin on how to know who will make it as a F&SF writer. I attended Ann's 2004 DragonCon workshop when I was making up my mind whether or not to quit Microsoft and try full-time writing, and it was full of usefulness and inspiration. She advised focusing on short fiction at first and joining SFWA as soon as one was eligible in order to take advantage of its resources, particularly the networking possibilities, and that still seems like good advice to me, despite recent kerfuffles. Found via david_de_beer.

Installed Microsoft Money 2007 yesterday and have found it so far pretty unsuited to what I need to do, and well as having compatibility issues with Vista. So far Microsoft's 0 for 2.

What I've been reading: finished Morgan Howell's QUEEN OF THE ORCS: CLAN DAUGHTER; finished DAY WATCH by Sergei Lukyanenko and picked up the third in the trilogy; almost done with THE JEWELS OF APTOR, by Samuel R. Delany (more on that when I'm done); not sure if I'm going farther with Tom Holt's EARTH, AIR, FIRE, AND CUSTARD unless it picks up a great deal in the next chapter; halfway done with IMARO. I think maybe I should focus my reading a little more, but sometimes you're in the mood for Pratchett and other times Proust. Okay, usually a lot more Pratchett than Proust.


I'm compiling the list of e-mail addresses to send off to get our Casablanca campaign set up on Sunday, so post or email me if you're interested in playing and haven't let me know yet. I have no idea what to expect -- your guess is as good as mine.
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