September 21st, 2007

two heads

What I'm Up To

Prepping for next week's first class: I've put together a syllabus and two handouts. One is on how to read as a writer, the other is a list of a number of first paragraphs, which we'll take apart in class in order to see what's built into them. That's an exercise I've used before, and it's very effective plus a fun way to show how much can get stuffed in a first paragraph.

Working on the novel: I just finished a fine burnish of chapters 1-2 of THE MOON'S ACCOMPLICE, which I'm about to post to my local face-to-face writers' group while I continue filling out chapters 3-4. Once they're ready, I'll be posting the first chunk (of four total) to my online group. The aim is to have at least the first three chunks done by WFC, preferably the whole novel ready to go out in total to a group of first readers.

Introducing myself to the SFWA e-copyright group: our mailing list is finally set up and people are introducing themselves and starting to talk about what we're doing.

Reading online: Jeff VanderMeer interviews Rachel Swirsky, aka velourmane; this horrifies and delights me with its absurdity.

Reading offline: ARC D'X by Steve Erickson; CORRUPTING DR, NICE by John Kessel

Thinking about text games: A friend has just started -- this morning I talked briefly there about the ways I see the playerbase of our MUD shifting and who I'd like to be reaching with the game in the future.


Tobias Buckell will be appearing on Second Life this Sunday, which should be groovy and worth checking out for people intersted in determining what the publicity possibilities of Second Life are like.

Gord Sellars has a clever piece, The Egan Thief, up at Flurb.

LOLTHULHU is pretty awesome. The name should be prety self-explanatory.

I would like to live in one of these.