October 11th, 2007

two heads


velourmane has a great post that is a primer on cover letters, and includes a handy-dandy template. Highly recommended reading if you're not sure about them.

I've been reading the issues of Fantasy Magazine that have already been assembled, and there is some seriously kick-butt stuff coming up in there. I sent Sean my suggested version of the submission guidelines and we'll be starting to take subs post-WFC. Wheee, slush, slush, slush!

Based on feedback, I have thrown much of my first chapter out the window (although within handy reach for recycling in later chapters) and am trying to create something that signals more clearly what the book is about and demonstrates that it does actually have some forward motion. Man, this stuff is hard. I have also decided not to kill one of the two people who are slated to die in the course of the book. For now. Maybe I'll maim him a little. Just a little.

It's been a somewhat psychically tense week for both Wayne and I, for different reasons. Please send happy thoughts and energy Wayne's way for reasons that will remain secret for now. Please send me a butler or personal secretary who will not only remind me of dental appointments, but take them for me as well.

Interesting piece on America's changing attitudes towards Christianity that Wayne pointed me at.
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Some TV We Have Dabbled in Lately

Pushing Daises is clearly too cute and clever to last.
Kid Nation -- watching it for the train wreck qualities. Boy, is it living up to that promise. After the most recent religion episode, probably taking that one off the TiVo.
Burn Notice -- started watching for Bruce Campbell, but I love the social engineering stuff.
Grey's Anatomy has jumped the shark and I hate, hate, hate the George and Izzy plotline for so many reasons. Haaate.
Flash Gordon - watched the first one, that was plenty. More than plenty. Can I have that hour back please?