October 22nd, 2007


Notes From the Crowley Workshop - 1st Half

Sunday I attended a day-long workshop at the Richard Hugo House. The workshop was part of NWMedia Arts' Fantastic Fiction series, which I highly recommend. Past workshops include Connie Willis, Peter Beagle, Paul Park, Charles DeLint, and Terry Bisson -- next month is one with John Kessel. If you're a Seattleite and haven't been to a Hugo House event, it's a nifty place, and worth checking out. Crowley will be reading tonight as well - NWMediaArts site should have the details.

The workshop focused on time.

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Your Political Content For Today

Loreal has been asked to reformulate its lipstick due to lead content. I tend to wear make-up only rarely, but it's mainly because a) I'm lazy and b) I wear it so rarely that it feels like clown make-up whenever I'm wearing it, but I appreciate those who can apply and wear it well.

I do think that business women and those appearing in the public get forced to wear it in order to get ahead in a way that financially taxes women for being female in a way that men in similar roles aren't taxed. It's also a health hazard -- The European Union has a law that requires cosmetics companies to remove reproductive toxins, mutagens and carcinogens from personal care products, but there is no similar American law. If you wear make-up on a regular basis, you owe it to your health to be informed about the hazards of what you're wearing.

Animal Citizens

Trying to gather some data - what are the animal stories that have most moved you? Here are some of my favorites:

Rachel in Love by Pat Murphy
Sergeant Chip by Bradley Denton
The Fate of Mice by Susan Palwick
Nine Sundays by Kris Dikeman

What others would you add? I know I've seen several dolphin stories but none spring to mind.
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