October 23rd, 2007


Dancing Cockatoo

M. sent this and I love it so much. Look at how much fun that bird is having! I think it was anghara that recently posted the link of the husky and the polar bear playing together, and I've got to say -- it's so wonderful and amazing to me that animals play like humans -- or we play like them, to be more accurate. We're all people, regardless of fur or feather, or lack thereof -- or so it seems to me, at least.
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Adventures in Time Management

Well, I've been using the Google activity tracker to track when I'm doing what in order to try to use my time more productively. When you start an activity you click IN and it starts ticking. When you're done, you click OUT to stop the clock. The problem is that I forgot to stop the clock on my World of Warcraft game so this morning it showed me at 13.3 hours so far playing WoW this week.

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My friend Alicia has a story up at Espresso Fiction!

alankria has a poem up at Pedestal.

Dave Edelman has a good post about story endings up on DeepGenre.

Diana Rowland added another post, this time for the shy people.

Congrats to dzumsteg on his sale to Asimov's!

I will be reading at WFC as part of the Paper Cities reading, which is in a room still TBD, but takes place at 3 pm on Friday. I hope to see you there! Immediately following is the Broad Universe Rapidfire Reading at 4 pm, which a number of notables, including Ada Milenkovic (look, I got it right, Ada :)  ) Brown and Heather Lindsley.

Wrote a brief (3k) Zalanthas-based piece yesterday, "Her Eyes Like Sky, and Coal, and Moonlight". It's up on the CW online crit group for now. I think it's a distillation of some of the stuff learned in the Crowley class about managing time. It also messes around with some heroic fantasy tropes. Here's the beginning:

The first time we met, her eyes were blue, the color the sky is in stories. Then the second time, her eyes were terrible coals, like burning holes in her face. And the third – her eyes were moonlight then, silvery as Lirathu’s light.
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