December 2nd, 2007



I dipped my toe into Facebook, and I've got to say - easier to use than MySpace, imo. But how many social networks do we need in our lives?*

Not much snow here around the lake, but go up the hill about 50 feet in elevation, and that changes abruptly. Nice to see, but not as pretty as the snow on the way to Idaho for Thanksgiving, which was like something out of an Osmonds Christmas Special. All sparkly-like and stuff.

And finally, another hint for submitters, for this has happened twice now. If you send an SF story to the editor of a fantasy magazine and they say they'd like something less SF, the next story you send should not be on another planet, making reference to concepts like, say....spaceports. Goobers, I will smack you with my clue stick if you do this again. NO SF. SF VERBOTEN. WE BE FANTASY. (No, really, it's funny and amuses me, but it's not the kind of amusement you want.)

*However, any place with a group entitled "If 100,000 people join, my wife will let me name my second child Spiderpig" definitely has won my heart.