December 30th, 2007


Brief Note While We Wait To Hit the Road

We're off to spend New Year's with a friend on Orcas Island, a repetition of a trip we tried and enjoyed a few years ago. I have been making lists and resolutions, and am full of hopes for 2008.

One thing I've been trying is actually yoinked from a corporate-land tool I loathe with a passion, the yearly review. Despite that tainted origin, I'm trying not to just put goals, but steps that move towards those goals. I.e. a goal might be "publish more stories in 2008" -- the steps are a) Weekly review of submissions to make sure everything is out that should be, b) Write a new short story every two weeks throughout the year, and c) Revise X (actual number yet to be determined) of the stories that are waiting for another polish before they go out into the world.

#1 Goal for 2008: Finish the novel. Finish the novel. Finish the novel.
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