January 5th, 2008


Class, and a Couple of Book Recommendations

Wayne passed this along, which I believe he originally got from rosalux. It's an interesting article from the Chronicle of Higher Education about feeling like a class traitor. Here's an excerpt that resonated for me:

But, even as a child, I can remember feeling that school was training me to be a subordinate in a culture -- nearly a caste system -- where the people who have money and power were different from us in personal style, language, and values. The suited professionals in their BMWs looked like members of some kind of alien occupation army; there was no possibility of communicating with them on equal terms. And they seemed to wield almost absolute power -- over rent, jobs, health care, schools, prices -- from inaccessible conference rooms in downtown office buildings.

One of the books taken along on New Year's was Susan Palwick's SHELTER. I picked it up after having heard her read at WisCon, and I should have gotten to it sooner, because it's good and interesting and a just plain solid, satisfying read about an intriguing near future. Another was Sara Gruen's WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, which is very worth a read, especially if you like circus novels. I deeply appreciated one of the twists, but will refrain from saying anything more on that.

My hair has faded to a variegated purple and lavender, with the gray showing through here and there. I'll be sorry to see the last of the purple go, but it's back to pink after this, I think.

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