January 28th, 2008


Thank You

Thanks for the many kind wishes and the offer to assassinate someone with a yam, all of which are appreciated. We're still waiting to find out exactly what happened, but it looks as though things are fine for now.

In other news, it has snowed, and 90% of the population of Redmond* does not understand how to drive in snow, which is spectacular to watch and nerve-wracking to be driving in the midst of. I'm not venturing out again until things melt off.

*I grew up in NORTHERN** Indiana and have grasped the fact that when you jam on the brakes while driving on ice, undesirable things may happen.

**Inside joke that I am not going to get into.
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Typed Amid the Whirling Flakes and Electrons

A nice review of PAPER CITIES by Jeff VanderMeer in Publisher's Weekly here (scroll down) which references my story, "The Bumblety's Marble". It's great to see the book mentioned, because it's yet another awesome product of mattkressel's Senses Five Press. I'm always impressed by what Matt and his talented crew put together, and that's one of the chief reasons for submitting to Sybil's Garage, imo -- you know your work is going to be part of a very lovely whole.

Meanwhile, Jeff is molting.
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State of the Fantasy Magazine Slushpile

I've been clearing away slush today, since this month I thought it would be nice to have that done -before- Sean posts any figures. ;)  I tackled the "Pending Rejection" folder and wrote a whopping 92 rejections over the course of the day. My brain hurts.

If you have a story that was sent on or before January 19th, 2008, and haven't heard back with a rejection or an "I'm holding onto this" mail, feel free to query.  I have been checking the spam folder (pulled out four stray little subs from there today) but I've also seen a couple of queries from someone about a sub that apparently never arrived.

I'm particularly pleased with a couple of the stories we've accepted this month -- one is a story that I prodded someone into submitting, and another is the writer's first semi-pro publication and is just plain a kick-ass piece.
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