February 14th, 2008


Whining about My Computer

I am experiencing a weird issue on this Sony laptop using Vista where the cursor will move itself somewhere up the page while I'm typing, leading to a lot of sentences inappropriately inserting themselves into other sentences, so I have to keep a keen eye on what I'm typing and move the cursor back down at intervals, which is bearable but still very annoying. I need to send this laptop back for servicing anyhow -- it's having trouble with the space bar, the wireless card is spotty, and the camera sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, but I don't want to be computer-less while this gets fixed. Blah. Next time I am spending less money and getting something simpler and more durable.

Got the copy of The New Weird anthology, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, which is lovely and satisfyingly thick.  Looks like great stuff and I'm looking forward to reading it.

It's Valentine's Day, which is mainly a mechanism for companies to sell us things. I suggest celebrating one's friends, partners, and flirts all year round, but it's certainly a swell day for whispering swoony things in the ear(s) of your choice.
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