February 20th, 2008


Reasons I Like Living in the 21st Century #1 and 2

#1 -- Online package tracking. I have new! purple! shoes! en route from Sierra Trading Post, and I know that they're somewhere between the absolutely fabulously named Commerce City, Colorado and Redmond, WA right now, and that they will probably arrive on time on Friday.

#2 -- Which brings me to the Internet. I *heart* the Internet. Holy cow, is it ever cool and shiny and a big ball of distraction. I would have been a very different person, I think, if it had been around when I was a teenager. I encountered computers in 5th grade, which would have been around 1974ish, but it was a small mainframe and my interactions with it mainly concerned a submarine game that you played by entering the X and Y dimension where you were aiming your torpedo. In high school, several friends had computers in various forms, but it wasn't until I went off to college that I actually interacted with one (a Commodore Pet loaned to me by Dr Cat) on a daily basis, accessing the early Indiana University BBS, Note.  Later I'd become a Macintosh devotee, mainly due to Apple's educational pricing program, but it wasn't until a couple of years after grad school that I actually became a hardcore online participant, as much as anything due to the MUD I played on, Dark Castle. I can't begin to say how fabulous I think it is that I can hold conversations with people all over the globe or access such a wealth of information and art.  And kitten pictures. You can't forget the kitten pictures.
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