February 25th, 2008


My ToDo List

Just turned down a course-writing opp, which feels odd, because my drive before has been to try to build up my non-fic portfolio and/or bank account. But one of my (many) new year's resolutions was to chill on that in order to focus on the novel. Right now here's everything on my plate, not in any order of priority, except for the first item, which is indeed the most important:
  • The aforementioned novel
  • A couple of game-related essays
  • Two projects with Jeff VdM, one much larger than the other
  • Fantasy Magazine
  • Editing a Fantasy Magazine anthology to be released in 2009
  • Recording a story for Pod Castle
  • Armageddon (which remains a constant struggle, since I seem to always be putting in too much time or too little)
  • Another new year's pledge, two new stories a month (right now I have several unfinished ones, and the one I'm finishing this week, hopefully to go to the Strahan Eclipse anthology)
  • The Potlatch Writing Workshop, which is over as of next weekend
  • Keeping subs out and circulating, plus polishing some stuff to get it out
  • Writing a course on terrorism, which hopefully will lead to a story or two
  • A few upcoming Salem Press essays
  • Prepping for a couple of upcoming readings
  • A couple of interviews for Strange Horizons
  • Finishing setting up the superheroblogs site and wiki
  • Prep for Norwescon panels
  • Serving on SFWA Copyright Committee
It looks more manageable written down than it feels at the moment, but getting everything set down on the calendar will help, and a few of those items will drop off after the end of this month.