February 29th, 2008


Friday's Notes

Farrago's Wainscot is taking "The Fisherman's Child", probably for their October issue. That's my first post Clarion West story, written right after I slept for a week straight in order to get caught up, and I have a fondness for it, although it strays into the didactic at moments.

As does the current story, "Narrative of the Life of a Beast", that I'm polishing and hoping to make the deadline (that's today, my fellow procrastinating peeps) for Strahan's Eclipse anthology with. Thank you to the people who looked at it and reassured me that the experiment wasn't TOO experimental, and particularly to velourmane for such careful notes and for taking time out from reading Dead Girl's Wedding March for its upcoming Podcastle appearance. ;)

The novel continues. It's interesting how stuff is starting to tie back in as the writing starts heading into the home stretch.

By the end of this weekend, I should be caught up entirely with the Fantasy Magazine slush, or at least as close as the Sisyphusian nature of the task allows. This batch had another wave of pirates, but that trophe is pretty much dead to me by now. Dead. To. Me.

I am sending this fricking laptop back soon. Now it's having trouble with periods, and I have to bang on the key four or five times to elicit one on the screen.

This diagram shows the BMI of real life men and women versus the BMI of those shown in Marvel comics. NO SURPRISES THERE.

glvalentine, I heartily recommend the SciFi Channel's "The Monkey King" to you for recapping. It has many similarities to "Tin Man", although it lacks Glitch.  I tivoed it a few days ago.

Potlatch starts today -- I hope to see some of you there!
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Rainy Weekend

I can't believe I missed the Eclipse deadline after working so hard on the story over the week. Gah. Some days I feel more idiotic than others.

"Lost" has, I think, been drained of its interest this season. At least, I find no more enthusiasm for it in my heart.
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