March 1st, 2008



Potlatch - pretty much a wash for me due to issues beyond my control.  I managed to screw up and not send an e-mail I should have , which affected the writing workshops and for which I apologize to those of you I didn't get the chance to say that to in person. Blah. My apologies also to the people I wanted to spend time with and didn't get the chance to. I thought I'd be able to come in tomorrow, but that's looking less likely.

Reasons Not to Include a Synopsis of Your Short Story with the Submission

Chunk o' slush left, but some progress has been made. However, I would like to advise the people who include synopses to stop it, because:

1. I would rather read the story.
2. I would rather read the story without preconceptions.
3. The story you are describing may not match the one you have sent me. This may or may not be a good thing.