March 17th, 2008



...we begin the process of having new windows installed, to replace the current ones, which are the originals from when the place was built in 1969. The cats have been transported to a friend's place, with great excitement when Taco decided SCREW THIS I'S GOING HOME and made a break for the outside. No one was seriously injured in the recapture.

I'm flipping back and forth between fiction projects: the novel, a collaboration with Herr VanderMeer, and a short story set in the late 19th century that is a take-off on "men's club" stories, using characters from the American Suffrage movement along with some other historical figures. I slid a Jumbo reference in there, because I like that sort of cross-story bleed-through every once in a while. I have a crush on my heroine, one Lupita Jones, who kicks some serious butt and just plain has the worst luck in love.

Many SFWA members will have received their ballots today, along with a letter from six past SFWA presidents endorsing Russell Davis.  While I'm pretty sure all the sane people will cast their vote in his direction, I do urge all parties to vote, and not rely on thinking that the rest of the membership will take care of electing the right folks. I also bring your attention to Mary Robinette Kowal's many stellar skills and experience, and hope you'll factor those in when voting for SFWA Secretary.
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