March 23rd, 2008



Some highlights: katrichardson moderated the panel on Things You Wish Someone Had Told You When You First Started, which was lively, well-attended, and interesting. I'd done a handout of writing resources, and I hope it was useful for people. Questions ranged all over the place -- lotsa "How do I get an agent?" questions.

Lots of good chatting time with people like
anghara, criada, cscole, lisamantchev, mkhobson, rdeck, Spencer and Chrissy Ellsworth and Adia, the world's cutest baby. The autographing session was fun - my first! - and it was nice to be able to chat some with Mary Rosenblum while we watched the line for Dan Simmons pass by. :) 

The Clarion West fundraising table went well, manned by the redoubtable kate_schaefer, marykaykare, Leslie Howle, and Michael Swanwick. Many! fabulous! prizes! were distributed and funds for Clarion West were raised. The panel on Clarion West was made up of Leslie, Michael, Derek Zumsteg, Mary Rosenblum, Leslie and myself, and was also lively, and afterwards I stuck around to hear Michael read, which was superb and apparently means I'll win the lottery today, despite what rosefox says.

Lots of smiles all told, and a good con, but I'm wiped and today I'm sticking at home to write. I read the novel's first chapter at the con yesterday and between some feedback from listeners, ideas sparked by panels or conversations, and things I noticed while reading, I've got more than enough to occupy myself.  If I have neglected your name somewhere in the post, I apologize for my sieve-like memory.