March 31st, 2008


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A little under 3k for the weekend - not bad, but not stellar, and that despite various computer difficulties revolving around a faulty docking station. Had several of the staff interviews on Sunday, still looks like a great group. We opted to interview 5 out of the 19 who applied.

The New Weird has its own MySpace presence.

It's the last day to get in your Launch Pad application.

Today, 1600 words on the novel so far for today -- need to keep working on that, get some more Terrorism course work done, send out a couple of invoices and contracts, put various dates for Salem Press articles on the calendar, prep for teaching on Wednesday. Etc. Etc. Etc. Blah.

Does anyone know much about Amazon pushing POD publishers to use BookSurge? Has anyone talked to an Amazon rep that has said anything meaningful or definitive?

It's Unpossible!

Today I wrote 3250 words on the novel, sent out 96 Fantasy Magazine rejections, and I made burritos. Plus we went to the HOA meeting, which was the usual spectacle of dysfunctionality. Holy smokies.
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