April 2nd, 2008


Ochone! Ochonal!

2050 words on the novel for the day (so far) -- which brings me to 101,322 words and Chapter Twenty-three, in which Bella Kanto Finds Out Some Distressing News. Part of the day was spent prepping to teach the first class of the BCC semester tonight, which is always hard to do, because I'm bad about estimating how long one activity will take versus another. Tomorrow I need to buckle down and write about some terrorism. Heh.

Part of prepping for this class is finding first paragraphs that work well to illustrate the difference between different povs and tenses as well as how hooks and world-building work. I take sentences apart and (try to) show how they work the way they do and what levels they do it on. It's this sort of stuff that I do think having a Master's in JHU Posturing Along With a Smattering of Lit Theory helps with, and I would argue it's useful. I'd love to put together a grad-level class that is something along the lines of Theory for Writers. At any rate, I'm looking forward to tonight and seeing how well I have timed things, and whether or not I will be coherent.
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