April 5th, 2008


Audio Announcements

Pod Castle is taking Magnificent Pigs and Foam on the Water, and asked to see the manticore story and another one which is going to appear soon in Farrago's Wainscot.  Their issue 6 just went live, and is chockful of good reading.

They really like reprints, and between PseudoPod (horror), Escape Pod (sf) and PodCastle (fantasy), they're taking a good chunk of material. Their pieces frequently get mentioned on BoingBoing and other blogs following podcasts, so it's good exposure as well. (This is all imo, and may be totally off the mark, but it's $100 for something you've already sold, and how could that be a bad thing? - so I urge people with solid pieces worthy of reprinting to try them.)

I'm finishing up with the March Fantasy Magazine slush -- got a handful of stories that I held for consideration and ending up passing on.  Got the first clockwork menagerie story (pokes the author, who knows who s/he is). I have been arranging the May/June/July stories -- some terrific stuff coming up -- some dark, some funny, some political, some philosophical.

And a nice mention of "The Bumblety's Marble" in Paper Cities in Locus from Rich Horton, who included it on his recommended stories for April:

In Cat Rambo's "The Bumblety's Marble", a girl received the title object fortuitously, and then meets a mysterious boy from the underworld, who desperately wants it back -- the lives of the two children are quite sharply limned in a short space.