April 10th, 2008


The End of Terrorism is Nigh

Working away on the terrorism course study guide, finished biological and chemical terrorism, wrapping up agricultural, and about to move onto something I actually know more about, cybersecurity. Almost done with everything except for incorporating the SME (subject matter expert)'s comments and feedback.  She's being nice and thorough, and it certainly will result in a better guide, but I do feel that if you're going to do things like change "effects" to "affects", you might want to make sure you know what you're doing. :p   But we're almost done, and they are paying me well, which means I have money to do some stuff this summer I'd like to.

Been sneaking in words on the novel during this last terrorism push, but it's small amounts, a few hundred at a time, so I'm still on Chapter 27. I did figure out how to weave in the last outstanding major plot point in a way that solves all sorts of logistical issues. Huzzah!

Been reading Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind, and it is one of those hard to put down, I'll-just-read-one-more-chapter sort of books. Good solid heroic fantasy and it's tremendously enjoyable. If you enjoy George R.R. Martin or Robert Jordan type fantasy, this would go in that pile.  Not filet mignon, but it's a good solid high-quality, well-made hamburger.

Got waitlisted for Launchpad. Currently making voodoo dolls for all names on the attendee list that I am not personally acquainted with.