April 13th, 2008


Notes to Self Re: Website

At some point, when the terrorism study guide and the novel are both done, and several other small projects shoveled off my plate, I want to revamp my website.  I don't think it looks quite professional enough -- there's still a faint whiff of old-school 1980s HTML around it, and I'd like it to feel more cohesive. So while we wait to head out to meet ppl at Ye Olde Originale Pancake House, here's my notes to myself.

I'd like:
  • An RSS feed button on the main page and for the news items on there to appear as RSS items.
  • Some system for making the news updates there also appear on MySpace, Facebook, and the blog
  • The LJ transferred over to the Moveable Type version so I'm publishing on there and then mirroring to here.
  • Google Analytics set up so I can look at who's going where
  • The kittywumpus illustration made into a transparent gif
  • Everything gone through and updated :p
  • Digg/Stumble/etc buttons on the pages
Are there other things I should be worrying about or that need changing?
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