April 22nd, 2008


Achieve Immortality! (of a minor sort)

So here's the deal.

One of the concepts of the novel I'm working on is that the Merchant caste has a lot of gods, each of them overseeing a particular aspect of transactions, ranging from very broad concepts to very specific ones, such as the God who oversees the practice of tipping excessively in order to make a good impression. Other possibilities include the God of Word-of-Mouth Advertising or the God of Loss Leaders.  Despite the word "God" there, they can be female, male, both, or neither.

I'd like to introduce a slight element of randomness to this process as I'm filling in some of the blanks here, and so I'm offering up this:

Come up with a concept for one of these gods, post it in the comments, and if it fits, I'll use it somewhere in the book and try to name them in a way that reflects their origin, i.e. an anagram of your name or something similar.
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