April 23rd, 2008


agglaggagglomeratively asaspenking

The suggestions for merchant gods yesterday seriously rocked, you guys. I'm going through them and some that don't go in the novel may actually end up in a short story because they're too funny and wonderful not to.

I've spent the last few days trying to wrestle sections of the novel around so they...make sense chronologically. (This may be the peril of not writing in Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, etc order.)  And now, I believe, it actually does, although I discovered two or three missing scenes in the process. So...supply several scenes, address the 181 comments I have marked down while doing the rearranging and read through, and then it starts looking like it's ready for first readers.

And because I've been talking about it so much, I thought I would provide an excerpt as a bit of a tease :p

Skilto hesitated over violets like sparkling amethysts, and lilies that smelled like apple wine.  One great red rose had three blue butterflies, colored like summer skies, perpetually circling around it, attached by whisker-thin lines. In the end, though, he took irises, colored like Tabat’s own blue and gold flag, patriotic and yet poetic in their graceful shape, the hard stems wrapped in damp orange newspaper imprinted with a listing of auction items, and marched out the door, off to his first siege in the Battle of Love.

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