April 27th, 2008



Like many, I have followed the furor over the OSBP. It's been great to see so much discussion, some of which I agree with, some not so much. But of all the posts that came out of it, this seems one of the more thoughtful and on the mark.

And can I just say -- it breaks my heart every time I see a woman saying something like "I'm not a feminist, but...." because to me that's about the equivalent of saying "I don't believe women should have rights, but..."  Argh.
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Meanwhile on Zalanthas

...yet another argument on the boards about why we should have sexism in the game because it would be "more realistic" and "more interesting".  And because this is not the official game board and my personal journal, I'm going to go full out and say I think it's very telling that the idea of having a game deliberately structured so female characters have just as much opportunity to tell interesting stories as the male characters is so psychologically troublesome for some people that they feel compelled to start this discussion over and over and over again.

It makes me want to go hit things. Seriously.