April 30th, 2008



I'm banging my head against the wall.  I was feeling organized and starting to get on top of things, including finishing off an assignment for last night for a company. And then I finish writing it up today and realize that, despite the morning I spent painstakingly going over it, I did it a day late because I got confused about dates, and there's a good chance they won't take it as a result. I don't mind screwing up when I -know- I'm screwing up, but it's somewhat disheartening to be happily cruising along and then feel the plane drop out from under you. Blah. Blah blah blah. Am I on vacation yet? I can't be, I guess, there's still too much to finish before leaving on Saturday.

On the nice side of things, both "I'll Gnaw Your Bones, the Manticore Said" and "The Surgeon's Tale" made it to the Million Writers Award's list of Notable Stories for 2007.
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The Great Ant Menace

We have have ant problems the past year or so, but I thought we had reached a cordial detante, much like the agreement with the spiders in the bathroom. Alas, they have decided to venture into new territory, as I discovered today when I opened a cupboard, and they're not just scouting, they've made it an all out invasion. From the look of things, they're coming up inside an inner wall.

I have resorted to this. As noted inthe article, it is indeed a freak show - there are now seething masses of sugar ants on the places where I dribbled the sweet, sweet poison. Eat hearty, my little friends. If this doesn't work, I'm scattering a lot of ant traps around before we leave, because this is unacceptable. I went to mail a package the other day, and as I'm standing there filling out the form, I was trying to unobtrusively flick the several dozen ants that had apparently decided they wanted to go traveling off onto the floor.  I'll never feel alone again.

Any hints or further advice on repelling the hordes are welcome. I do understand that keeping things clean might be the best step at all. :p
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