May 27th, 2008


Up, Awake, Un-Coffeed

I'm up, and going to go grab coffee in a few moments, then return and start slogging through some work.  But I'm trying to track something down that I thought I'd seen on my friendslist somewhere about a photographer who is doing a new illustrated version of Charles Kingsley's The Waterbabies.  Google has failed me, but if you know the link or the photographer's name, could you post it here or send it to me?
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Today, Post-Wiscon

  • updated some online presence stuff, including &
  • processed a bunch of e-mails
  • started rereading Charles Kingsley's THE WATER BABIES
  • Edited a June Fantasy Magazine story
  • three units worth of terrorism edits
  • sketched out terrorism intro slides
  • got a couple of hours of writing in
  • played some Rock Band!

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