May 29th, 2008


caraway seeds

All done with the terrorism study guide, including a nice little intro, and plenty learned along the way, and all of that. Whew, it's nice to not be under the thumb of terrorism any more. No more work for hire unless I really want to do it for a while.

Spent much of today working with the Fantasy Magazine schedule, figuring out how it will interact with a monthly feature I want to run, and how to weasel a couple of bonus stories (one for Halloween, one for Winter Solstice) into the schedule.  I'm very! pleased! about something that I can't talk about until late July, but you will see it on the magazine then, and there is lots of other cool stuff coming up, within the next few months.

Also spent part of it working on an ocean sf story and running a chunk of novel through polish while I think about a final scene. I am getting ready for the Clarion West season's beginning. If you're one of this year's students Googling around in preparation, I'll be there on Friday helping greet you all - look for the woman with pink hair. If you have questions, feel free to drop me a comment or e-mail.

Part of tomorrow is set aside for organizing the staff/clan rotations on Armageddon and catching up on that e-mail.

Upcoming cons -- ReaderCon (yay!) and WorldCon, followed by WFC, I think.
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