June 30th, 2008


globeful as a gasometer of lithium and luridity

I just finished up recording a Margaret Ronald story for Clarkesworld and writing up a longer post for elsewhere. Much of my time has been taken up trying to move the study computer over to Mac only, which has had mixed results. Right now I've got the Vista laptop up and running since it's the only currently functioning system with a sizeable keyboard.

While waiting for various installs to almost complete and then fail at the last moment, I have done a lot of these: http://wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/41325/Moons_Accomplice_Chapter_10 as well as generating Markov chains from separate chapters. This has the illusion of productivity while remaining very much not so. I'm off now to run errands, though.
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Laser Thumbs of Death

The move back to a mostly-Mac (with one Windows XP machine and a Linux one) household has been fraught with peril so far. Right now I've got the Vista laptop cracked out again and used it this morning to record Margaret Ronald's "When the Gentlemen Go By' for Clarkesworld here (http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/)  The Mac will go to the Home for Wayward Macs sometime in the next couple of days and hopefully get a new video card.

I am halfway through John Crowley's The Solitudes, first of four for ReaderCon. We'll see if I get all the way through the four book cycle or not.

Other projects in the works: a game module, an essay on superhero fiction, two interviews, prepping for Tuesday's reading and Wednesday's class, more poking at things other than the novel, six stories, a YA proposal, and several pair-up projects.