July 4th, 2008


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The current Write-a-thon story is based on an idea Ben Burgis and I were throwing around. Here's two excerpts from what I just sent him:

They said the Marielitas were escoria – scum. The abuelitas muttered it to each other, and the young girls coming home from school clustered together like butterflies, looking thrilled and worried whenever the wind whistled at them. The newspapers claimed Miami was under siege, that Castro had loosed the worst from the Cuban prisons and madhouses.

The respectable Cubans already in Miami by 1980 – the ones who weren’t driving the boats to bring over their cousins and brothers and grandparents who’d managed to flee to the port of Mariel – were quick to repudiate the incoming. Some of them put bumper stickers on their Pintos and Caddies: No me digas Marielito.


When I got back to the bike shop, I poured hot tap water in a cup, added a jasmine tea bag, sniffed the delicate aroma, and  added a half mug’s worth of sooty liquid from the coffeepot, ink and rusty bolts thick. It’d wake me up.


I looked up. Standing in the doorway was tall, dark, and pink shirt. A lot of women would have melted under the force of those black eyes, crows-wing eyebrows, lashes like a smolder of incense. But something about the flatness of his stare, the swamp-water shine of his hair, gave me the creeps.

“Me,” I said, half question, half challenge.

He glanced around at the clutter of parts, the pegboarded tools, the skull and crossbone neon behind the front counter. I was still getting the hang of being a business owner, after having been a waitress, a bike mechanic, a student of paraconsistent logic.

And, as always, now and forever, monster hunter.

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Well Poop

From several people on my friendslist:

Someone broke into the sorority house Clarion West is at and stole 4 laptops, clothing, and other personal possessions from 4 rooms on the 3rd floor. Clarion West is soliciting donations of either good used laptops or cash for laptops via the Clarion West administration. If  youncan help, let Leslie or Neile know at info@clarionwest.org

Moving Gracefully Through the Universe

Sending pissy notes to an editor about how you won't be submitting again because you worked very hard on that last submission doesn't fly well for several reasons:

1) Most of us work hard on our stories. At least 90% of mine are like sweating blood. Not to sound too harsh, but cry me a river, dude.
2) Rejection is hard but necessary. I submitted a number of stories to Fantasy Magazine before selling one to them.  I would guess that my subs to F&SF number in the couple of dozen by now.  And there are writers who are easily on their 13th, 14th, maybe more rejection to Fantasy since I became co-editor and I think that's awesome and will gladly keep reading their stories because they're getting better with every one they write.
3) You are violating Cat's first rule: Don't be a jackass.