July 6th, 2008


Response Times at Fantasy Magazine

Having had someone think that the speed of the rejection had something to do with the quality of the sub - no! There's no correlation. However, I've been trying to trim our response time down a little because I know I tend to pick the quick-responding magazines when first sending a story out. If your rejection arrives quickly, it is a more accurate reflection of  my schedule than the quality of the writing.

Tom Disch

Tom Disch apparently committed suicide a couple of days ago. I don't know that this was a huge surprise - I've been following his LJ for the past couple of years and it was clear that the loss of his partner, depression, and other problems had hit him hard.

I find this particularly depressing because I kept meaning to write him a note about one of my nicest memories of JHU, which was dinner at a Thai restaurant with him, the head of our department, Mom, my brother and my ex. He and my mother really hit it off, and when they were comparing reading taste, he charmed her by pronouncing Barth's prose "scrumptious".  I felt shy about it because I wasn't sure he would remember me other than the woman with the crazy superhero novel, and so I kept putting it off.