July 10th, 2008


The gloom hath rays, her lump is love

So I finished Laurell K. Hamilton and I've got to say the long passages where they sit around talking about sex ends up edging closer and closer to the long philosophical passages in the Marquis de Sade, where everyone's just sitting around naked talking and sipping hot chocolate with cantharides in it in preparation for the next bout of sexual excess.

Now I need to Do a Bunch of Things.
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5 More Things to Increase Your Manuscript's Chances

Yesterday I skulked at Tully's for most of the day while the condo was swaddled in plastic and painters. Coming back, I had to break the tape seal on the front door as though it had been hermetically sealed off. Today, I'm not sure what they'll be doing, but I'm off to sit in on the CW classroom.

Anyhow, here's five more things:

6) Check the first paragraph and the ending. I do sometimes stop after one paragraph because I can tell right there that the writer is at the writing level that would require my reshaping all their prose, even with the best idea in the world.  Your beginning (and title) are your chance to hook me into reading all the way through.  Make sure that you begin where you should, because often stories don't get started until the 2nd, 3rd, even 4th page.  And read through that ending. Does it tie off all the loose ends and satisfy the reader? There is no room in first or last paragraphs for excessive words.
7) Make sure attachments are openable. And if they say in the guidelines not to send attachments...well then. I think we all know what your stance on attachments should be under such circumstances.
8) Remember to attach your attachment. I forget this more often than I'd like to admit.
9) Don't be afraid to query politely after a reasonable (as defined by their guidelines, usually) period of time.
10) Take rejection in stride and send them something else.

And the Ultimate Secret? Write well.