July 14th, 2008


Heading Out Soon

I'm frantically running around getting ready to head to NYC and ReaderCon - I will be in short supply for the next week, I suspect, depending on things like airport and hotel wireless. I was feeling the usual pre-flight jitters, then managed to score a (reasonably) cheap flight upgrade on my no-transfers flight through the magic of obsessively refreshing the online booking page. I figure I'll take that as a happy omen. Looking forward to seeing many of you!!!

One More Thing

Fantasy Magazine Launches New Website

On July 17, 2008 Prime Books announces the launch of the new Fantasy Magazine website at http://www.fantasy-magazine.com

The site design is by Matthew Kressel of Senses Five Press, which publishes Sybil's Garage and Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy.   (www.matthewkressel.net or www.sunraycomputer.com). . The artwork is by New Zealand-based artist Sanjana Baijnath (http://www.sanjanasart.com).

Fantasy Magazine's authors have included some of the best new and established voices in the fantasy genre, including Stephanie Campisi, Paul Jessup, Richard Parks, Holly Phillips, Ursula Pflug, Ekaterina Sedia, Rachel Swirsky, Lavie Tidhar, Catherynne M. Valente, and Jeff VanderMeer. The magazine publishes a new story each Monday, with commentary, interviews, reviews, and essays appearing throughout the week along with Friday's Blog for a Beer! feature, which allows readers to unleash their creative talents. The new site will add audio and video content, previews of Prime and Juno books and new contests.

"Fantasy Magazine ... [has] already shouldered their way into the ranks of the most prominent fiction e-zines on the internet"—The Year's Best Science Fiction

"Fantasy Magazine is one of the most promising new fiction publications to launch in the field in years."—Locus

"We hope to continue bringing innovative and enthralling fiction and features to fantasy lovers across the globe . . . and this is just the first step in many to come. Keep reading Fantasy Magazine!" Cat Rambo and Sean Wallace

The magazine's staff includes co-editors Seattle-based Cat Rambo (www.kittywumpus.net) and Sean Wallace (oldcharliebrown.livejournal.com), managing editor K. Tempest Bradford (tempest.fluidartist.com), and intern Nivair H. Gabriel.

Upcoming content in 2008 includes works from authors such as Jim Hines, J. MDermott, Ursula Pflug, and Erzebet Yellowboy. This week's story is "Watermark" by Michael Greenhut, accompanied by an audio version read by Cat Rambo.