July 22nd, 2008


Back to Our Usual and Some Scattered Thoughts

I'm having trouble getting started today -- I feel as though I'm still en route back home. Aside from the usual "hurry up and wait, then wait some more" airport experience, though, it was a pretty smooth trip, although plane delays meant I didn't land till 2 am.

ReaderCon was shiny and bright and fun. It's certainly tempting to add it to the permanent roster of cons, aside from the distance. Met a lot of online friends, made some new ones, and got a chance to hang out with the old ones. Plus a lot of undiluted time with krisname and Ms. A. (you know who you are), which was most excellent.

Of the panels I was on, I thought the podcasting one might have been the most informative, and I'll write up those notes and post them sometime this week. Jim Freund was showing me a very slick microphone that I am sorely tempted by, particularly since I need something better than the one I'm using. We'll see.

I really loved the "How I Wrote ___" series of events, and next time I'm going to try to make more of them. Mowed through a bunch of the books I accumulated on the way home, and I'm about halfway through ALCHEMY OF STONE by Ekaterina Sedia, and really liking it a lot, even more her SECRET HISTORY OF MOSCOW. Mattie is a fabulous, wonderful character.
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Notes From Podcasting Panel

Here's my notes from the ReaderCon podcasting panel. Please drop me a comment if there's anything you'd add!

    Jim Freund (moderator) - Hour of the Wolf radio show
    Liz Gorinsky - Tor.com and podcast listener
    James Patrick Kelly - does several podcasts
    Mary Robinette Kowal - voice actors and records podcasts
    Cat Rambo - does podcasts of own work as well as others, Fantasy Magazine editor

Balticon was mentioned as a con with a thriving podcasting community.

F&SF Podcasts to look for:
    Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing
    Far Point Productions
    Dragon Page
    The Secrets - Stackpole
    I Should Be Writing - Mur Lafferty

Non F&SF Podcasts:
    In Our Time - BBS podcast
    Digital Planet - BBS podcast
    Material World - BBS podcast
    If You're Just Joining Us
    Cory Doctorow's
    New Yorker
    CBC tech show called Search Engine
    Writing Excuses
    On the Media

One place to get public domain music for podcasting: podsafeaudio.com

Podcast Portals - there are some, but nothing that really collects and rates/reviews podcasts and acts as a podcast search engine.

Things that non F&SF podcasts are doing that we should be:
    multi-actor dramatic readings
    listener call-in
    getting audience more involved
    professionals talking about what they do

Podcasts are popular because they're relatively easy to do - just need mike and software for editing. (Audacity is one recommended editing tool.) Jim recommends the Zoom H4 for recording.

If you're going to record one -- make it good! Listening to bad recordings is painful!

Jim Kelly records his podcasts in his walk-in closet b/c the best acoustics are in there. He reads to his sweaters.