July 29th, 2008



Well, I was cranking along getting stuff done, and then...the painters started on the study windows. A ladder appeared and then slowly a face ascended into view, looking surprised to be looking directly at me. Accordingly, I have temporarily fled the study.
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And just to explain why the painters are frustrating:

The condo board said they would be doing this two years ago as past of a special assessment that ran us personally 10K - which adds up when you consider there's a hundred units. Last year, the painters started painting in the fall, got a total of three units done, and then quit.  They started again in June, six months later, and have been working at a snail's pace and doing much of the painting in the rain. Some of the earlier painted units are peeling already as a result.

Yesterday was nice, and so rather than painting, they spent a lot of time lying in the grass in a secluded spot (which I know, because said secluded spot is right under my window) and shooting the breeze. Today it is raining and they are out there doing trim, thus guaranteeing it's going to bubble and peel along with all the other stuff they painted while it was raining. These guys are slow as molasses, spend half their time sitting around talking, and got belligerent with a home-owner at one point. There doesn't seem to be any board member tracking their progress. (And before anyone thinks I'm bitching without volunteering -- I've done my stint already, heh, and will gladly rant about that experience some other time.)

At least we got a fairly unobjectionable color. Some units are a brown reminiscent of poop.

And they trampled all of my flowers, and knocked over and then spray painted the Stargazer lily that was just about to bloom. :(  I have a single hosta left, and I'm not sure it's going to make it through the trim painting. I could have wept. I know it's silly to cry over plants, but dammit, I'd put them in, they looked great last year, and now...FEH. Sorry, now I've moved on to just whining. I'm going to go write a grumpy story.

Nice Review From the Fix

...of this month's Fantasy Magazine at http://thefix-online.com/reviews/fantasy-online-july-2008/. Of the four stories, they liked three, which is not too bad an average.  They're pretty on the mark, although I liked the story they didn't care for, because I think the flavor redeems a few flaws. The Freeze piece is an interesting one, and perhaps the only story with angels in it that I've seen do something really unexpected. The story that just went up, "Masks of War," also does unexpected things -- in a good way. I think it does a marvelous job talking about the psychological impact of war on its participants.

And I fully intend to take credit for Michael Greenhut's career, because I published him FIRST. :p

Next month - more good stuff is coming up that I will blog about soon!

Bagging Liberals

I was raised Unitarian Universalist and it's the faith I identify the most with. This is why.

When you sign up to become a UU, this is the legacy you take on, and from then on attempt to live up to. It's not God's job to make the world a better place. It's yours. This has never been work for the faint of heart, mind, or spirit -- and in this era of conservatism gone crazy, it still isn't.