August 20th, 2008



The painters are (almost) gone, and I've reclaimed the balcony for humanity. I hung some burlap curtains that act to keep out a lot of the sun while looking chic and bought (and assembled!) a bright blue Adirondack chair. Next step is getting the last of the detritus out and then adding a couple of plants. Today it's raining, and the wireless reaches out to the balcony so I can sit out here and still suckle at the Internet's teat.

After having been so head-down on the novel, I'm assessing where I am now and what I should be doing over the next month while I (impatiently and somewhat obsessively) wait to hear back on it. This includes:
* roughing out synopses for the two books that accompany The Moon's Accomplice
* getting back up to speed on Arm and helping wrap up the halfling plotline
* getting back up to speed on SFWA stuff
* working on ONE collaborative project at a time
* a couple of interviews for the Nebula blog
* a game module I need to finish up and turn in
* podcast stuff, including recording the story about to go up in Clarkesworld
* superhero blogs up and running
* getting the slush reading process set up for Fantasy
* prepping next week's story and reworking the schedule
* prepping to teach at BCC in late September
* critting several novels

The first step would be prioritizing all that, I suspect. Ugh.