September 3rd, 2008


Quick Catchup

I don't know where the summer went; it vanished while I was paying attention to other things (like marvelling at election weirdness), and the last couple of weeks have been a little crazy.

Some links:
  • My story, "Worm Within", is up at Clarkesworld Magazine, and includes an audio version. The story's origin lies in the Codex Writers group - it was originally written for their Halloween contest, using a seed provided by Rachel Ann Dryden. I'm very happy with the way it turned out.  It's a great issue - check out Eric Witchey's story, "Can You Hear Me Now?" and Alethea Kontis's column, "White Girl" as well as the interview by Richard Morgan conducted by Jason B. Jones.
  • There's an interview with me on Charles Tan's Bibliophile Stalker blog here.
We've taken on a grand total of four fabulous slush readers at Fantasy Magazine and they are cranking away as we get our system set up. I'm going to check with them before posting their names, in case anyone wants to stay undercover, but will be talking more about what they're doing, how the slush process is changing, and what's coming down the pike. 

Sean and I have also been working on the ToC for a Best of Fantasy Magazine sampler. This has been complicated by the fact that there's too much good stuff there to choose from.