September 16th, 2008


Oh Holy Heck, Has It Been Six Days Already?

The comedy of errors that is my condo complex remains entertaining. Last week they did "the south-east" side of the lot with about 18 hours worth of notice, and now they're doing the other half, where we park. Last night I parked the car elsewhere accordingly and despite the entrance sign written in red felt-tip pen on brown paper saying that the rest of the sealing would be done "on Wednesday" (no date).  And glad indeed I was that I had done so, for there were three tow trucks merrily plying their trade this morning.

If you think you might be in the market for a Redmond condo beside Lake Sammammish sometime in the coming year, contact me or Wayne. We're in walking distance of Microsoft and Marymoor Park, and the condo comes with its own boat slip and set of board crackheads. Let's just leave it at "comes with its own boat slip." 

Other news: Paper Golem Press, the producer of Prime Codex and Alembic, will be doing their first solo author anthology next year, and that will be a Cat Rambo anthology.  Yay! Lawrence and I have been talking about it for a few months and we worked out the last of the details last Sunday.

1200 words so far today on a story that is tentatively earmarked for yet another try at Under Ceaseless Skies. Gird your loins, Scott. ;) 

I bought the first two Stephanie Meyer books, starting reading, thought "Huh, what's all the buzz about, these aren't that great", and then found myself driving back to the store the next day to get the other two because I wanted to find out what happened.