September 22nd, 2008


Guest Blogging

I'm guest-blogging on Jeff VanderMeer's blog for the next couple of weeks -
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The First of Many Incidents

Young man at our door saying he's taking a brief poll of voters and would we like to answer a few questions.
Wayne: "So who is this for again?"
YMAOD: "This is for the 48th District of Bellevue."
Wayne: "So this is paid for by the city?"

YMAOD: Well, no...
Wayne: "So who is paying you?"
YMAOD: "Well...the Republicans."
Wayne: "OK, I think we're done."


Do What You Can

I point you at Will Shetterley's Livejournal post, which includes contact information for various people that, if you are so inclined (and I apologetically but sincerely call you a fool, a dupe, or ethically bankrupt if you support the Bush Administration), you can write to if you wish to oppose the Bush Administration's obscene proposal to bail out the rich and continue making them richer while raping and pillaging the system meant for the rest of us.

I will mention that every phone mailbox that I've tried is full - if you want to call rather than e-mail (which may have more weight to it, I don't know), I suggest waiting until morning.

This is something you can do, rather than just fuming about it. If it matters to you, it's worth doing.