September 23rd, 2008


Oh Livejournal Hive Mind, Speak, I Beseech Thee

Query for those with more exposure to the ins and outs of high school life than I have:

When I was in high school, periodically the trash cans had to be searched because someone took their dental retainer out for lunch, put it on their tray, and then forgot about it. Does this still happen, or have orthodontics gone beyond the need for retainers?


Allow Me to Depress You

Yoinked from larryhodges , who has all sorts of interesting things today.  He notes:

Over and over you hear from the McCain campaign that Obama will raise taxes. It's misleading because what readers don't hear is that everyone under $200,000 salary has a tax cut. It's not just misleading; it's intentionally misleading. Worse, when McCain is scaring middle-income workers about higher taxes under Obama, the reality is they will have lower taxes under Obama than under McCain. Here's the published chart from the Washington Post showing the respective changes in taxes under their plans.

  • $0 to $18,981: McCain: -$21; Obama -$567
  • $18,982 to $37,595: McCain: -$118; Obama -$892
  • $37,596 to $66,354: McCain: -$325; Obama -$1118
  • $66,355 to $111,645: McCain: -$994; Obama -$1264
  • $111,646 to $160,972: McCain: -$2584; Obama -$2135
  • $160,973 to $226,918: McCain: -$4437; Obama -$2796
  • $226,919 to $603,402: McCain: -$8159; Obama +$121
  • $603,403 to $2.87 million: McCain: -$48,862; Obama +$93,709
  • More than $2.87 million: McCain: -$290,708; Obama +$542,882
And if you want to read something really scary, ellen_datlow  pointed out this article.

And if you want a perspective on why that bailout is truly obscene, here's one of the many, which Wayne pointed me at today.

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I'll Stop For A While After This One, Really

I started to post this in response to a comment on someone else's blog, and then I thought perhaps I would stick to stirring up trouble on my own LJ. The comment asked why Sarah Palin would cause such anger on the part of the original poster, and went on to say that the media was cutting Obama so much more slack than McCain that it was unfair.

And this is what I'd say to that:

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I now return you to the usual schedule of kitten pictures.