October 6th, 2008


Starting the Week

I like Mondays. I usually take a chunk of time on Monday mornings to sort through what the week looks like. Here's the bits and pieces I'm catching up on right now. This is what I have on this week's slate.
  • The usual Boring Household Shit
  • Producing a somewhat definitive outline for Phat Fairy
  • Continuing to push on the latest re-vision of the Moon's Accomplice
  • Sending in my SFWA membership + the late fee. :p  And catching up on SFWA Copyright Committee stuff, including finishing reading the Copyright Handbook: What Every Writer Needs to Know. Flurries of e-mails, followed by hail. I have given up reading the SFWA boards, because I just don't have the bandwidth, alas.
  • A novel that I'm reading and critiquing.
  • Assembling the last batch of stories to submit to the anthology.
  • Catching up with the online class I am taking and which I'm behind on, aiiiiieeee

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